We have teamed up with One Health Medical Systems to optimize patient care. Their laboratory services include routine Blood Wellness testing, such as basic blood counts and cholesterol tests, therapeutic Medication Monitoring (Toxicology), along with highly complex methods that diagnose genetic variations that effect individual responses to medicines (PGx).

Their Testing Services


One Health’s laboratories provide fast accurate results and offer screening results within 24 hours and full confirmatory of 78 tests within 48 hours. Direct consultations with their scientist or directors are available.

Testing Includes

Immunoassay Screening
(1 day)- Rapid Urine Screen for DOA (drugs of abuse) on day of receivership.

( 2 days) – Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry test accuracy and power is unparalleled. This test has earned a reputation as the analytical “gold standard” delivering high quality and specificity of results for drugs of abuse and therapeutic drugs.

Multiple Testing Methodologies

Urine collection cups– Tests for 78 analytes
Oral Fluid collection devices– Tests for 43 analytes


They accept all commercial and federal insurance, personal injury, and workers compensation claims.

Pharmacogenetics (PGx)

One Health’s Testing covers the widest areas of patient treatment and analyzes the greatest number of genes in the industry.

Gene Name May Apply to select medications within these cases
CYP1A2 All therapeutic medication classes
CYP2C9 All therapeutic medication classes
CYP2C19 All therapeutic medication classes
CYP2D6 All therapeutic medication classes
CYP3A4 All therapeutic medication classes
CYP3A5 All therapeutic medication classes
SLC6A4 (SERT) Antidepressants
HTR2A SSRIs, Antipsychotics
COMT Antidepressant, Pain, ADHA
DRD2 Antipsychotics
MTHFR Adjunctive treatment for depression, Psychosis
VKORC1 Anticoagulation (warfarin)
OPRM1 Opioids
SLCO1B1 Statins (simvastatin)
ABCB1 Pain
ADRA2A Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, ADHD
F2 (Factor 2) Anticoagulants
FV (Factor V) Anticoagulants
HTR2C Antipsychotics
GRIK4 Glutamate functions of central nervous systems
NAT2 Arylamine, Hydrazine Drugs, Carcinogens
Apoε Hyperlipidemia

Blood Wellness

Chemistry Panels

Chemistry panels are groups of tests that are routinely ordered to determine a patient’s general health status. Chemical panel tests we offer include the following:

Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP)
This panel provides information about the current status of a person’s kidneys and respiratory system as well as electrolyte and level of blood glucose.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)
This panel provides the same information as the BMP with the addition of the status of a patient’s liver and important organ markers.

Hormone Panel
This panel measures hormone levels including estrogen, testosterone, Hcg, FSH, LH, progesterone and estradiol.

Electrolyte Panel
This panel is helpful for detecting a problem with the body’s fluid and electrolyte balance.

Lipid Profile
This panel is used to assess a patient’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Liver Panel / Hepatic Function Panel
This panel is used to screen for, detect, evaluate, and monitor acute and chronic liver inflammation (hepatitis), liver disease and/or damage.

Renal Panel (Kidney Function)
This panel contains tests such as albumin, creatinine, BUN, and eGFR to evaluate kidney function.
Complete Blood Count Tests (CBC)

CBC blood tests are used to evaluate overall health and detect a wide range of disorders, including anemia, infection and leukemia.


Urinalysis is used to detect and assess a wide range of disorders, such as urinary tract infection, kidney disease and diabetes.

Thyroid Function Panel

This panel helps evaluate thyroid gland function and to help diagnose thyroid disorders.

Diabetes – HGB A1C test

This is a blood test that provides information about a patient’s average levels of blood glucose, or blood sugar, over the past 3 months. The A1C test is the primary test used for diabetes management and diabetes research.


One Health laboratory is centrally located in Dallas and serves multiple states.

2211 Century Center Blvd #110, Irving, TX 75062