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Screening results in 24 hours
Full confirmation of 78 tests in 72 hours


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About Us

The Diagnostic Center Inc, is a newly formed marketing and service subsidiary of AppYea, Inc. (OTC:APYP) that empowers physician offices, clinics, hospitals, long term care facilities, healthcare groups, employers, governmental units and correctional institutions in getting comprehensive diagnostic testing results quicker. Our goal is to work with multiple diagnostic testing facilities throughout the United States and at the same time using numerous collectors to handle the samples personally therefore expediting the process.

We provide fast and accurate results. With screening results within 24 hours and full confirmation of 78 tests.

Our Story

After speaking with numerous doctors and patients the biggest complaint we heard was that the lab testing process just takes too long, especially when 70% of medical decisions are based on lab results. We decided to start this company to expedite the process and bring service back to the patient.

Your health depends on getting answers to your questions. By expediting the testing process, we can get the answers quicker so that you can make the decisions about your healthcare even if you do not have symptoms. You deserve fast and accurate results.

Corporate Vision

Our vision is to become the leading marketing and service company in the industry. Now that is a bold statement and how do we get there. People want results. People also want answers quicker especially when it comes to their well being.

Our strategy is to work as a liaison between the Doctor and the lab itself. By developing strong personal relationships with these groups.

What to Expect

 The Diagnostic Center Staff will make the specimen collection process safe, quick and comfortable while safeguarding the privacy of the client.

We focus on the patients’ needs to provide the most optimal health outcomes and establish a relationship with each patient.